WiseScope Module consists of microscope main body, MALS™, MALS™ controller, light source and driver software, which has functions of ultra-fast Vari-Focus(Up to 10KHz), Depth measurement, Real-time Multi-Focusing, All-in-focus and High Speed Focus Tracking. We can customize WiseScope for the different applications with corresponding customized optical system and controlling driver software.

WiseScope Components
- MicroScope Main Body
- LED Ring Light & Coaxial Light
- MALS™ control Board
- Infinity Corrected Objective Lens(3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x)
- Controlling driver software


WiseScope Module
Key Features

- Ultra Fast Vari-Focus: Up to 10KHz
- Depth Measurement
- Real-time Multi-Focusing
- All-in-focus
- High Speed Focus Tracking
- 3D imaging & interchangeable display