Touch Screen Panel Inspection

Touch Screen Panel consists of glass and multiple layers of PET and OCA. When there are defects in Touch Screen Panel, conventional Touch Screen Panel inspection system can only distinguish if there are defects or not, but can not inform which layer has the defect. Especially, when there are particles on top of glass panel, the conventional inspection systems recognized the particles as defects, causing OVERKILL procedure problem.

WiseScope allows detection of defects and also informs the depth information (layer) of the defect -which can prevent OVERKILL, inspect defect, analyze the results and repair.

Key Features
- Ultra high speed/highly reliable Vari-Focus microscope
- Avoid OVERKILL procedure
- Determine Repairability
- Analyze the cause of defect by depth information
- Depth analysis accuracy: ± 10µm
- Scanning depth range: 400 um
- ITO inspection, Scratch, Stain and Particles Detection
  • Conventional Microscope Images
  • WiseScope Image & Depth Map