WISESCOPE can provide the best solution to overcome present technical problems in the various vision inspection applications. For example, current AOI system for image sensor and LCD driver IC inspection has some limitation of capturing focused images due to its dull focus tracking vision system. But WISESCOPE can solve those problems with the ultra fast auto focusing vision and high reliability. Camera lens assembly parts, TSP/ITO, LCD pannel and Wire Bonding can be effectively inspected with the All-in-focus and depth range measurement function of WISESCOPE vision system. It’s possible to figure out the size of defect/particle and find a defected layer from multi-layered poducts such as TSP or camera lens assembly. Also WISESCOPE vision system has a wide range of DOF compare to that of current optical vision system. SD Optics will keep trying to do R&D for other application fields which has a difficult technical problems to solve with ordinary vision system on the global market.

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